jquery multiSelect 多选下拉框

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[多选下拉框]jquery multiSelect 多选下拉框

  $("#id").multiSelect({ oneOrMoreSelected: '*',selectAll:false,noneSelected:'默认显示' });  
Usage: $('#id').multiSelect( options, callback )  
Options: selectAll - whether or not to display the Select All option; true/false, default = true  
selectAllText - text to display for selecting/unselecting all options simultaneously  
noneSelected - text to display when there are no selected items in the list  
oneOrMoreSelected - text to display when there are one or more selected items in the list  
(note: you can use % as a placeholder for the number of items selected).

Use * to show a comma separated list of all selected; default = '% selected'  
optGroupSelectable - whether or not optgroups are selectable if you use them; true/false, default = false  
listHeight - the max height of the droptdown options  

// Update the textbox with the total number of selected items, and determine select all  
// Update the dropdown options  
// Hide the dropdown  
// Show the dropdown  
// get a coma-delimited list of selected values  
使用javascript 设置多选框的默认选中项。



var ids='1,3,6';//设置选中框ID。

var id_Ojbect=(ids).split(",");//分割为Ojbect数组。

var count=$("#id option").length;//获取下拉框的长度。

for(var c=0;cfor(var c_i=0;c_i{  
if($("#id").get(0).options[c_i].text == id_Ojbect[c])  
$("#id").get(0).options[c_i].selected = true;//设置为选中。







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